Destiny is for losers.

It's just a stupid excuse

to wait for things

to happen instead of

making them happen.

Blair Waldorf

martedì 13 dicembre 2011

Christmas is in the air

Hi guys :)
and welcome back to my blog...
today is 13th December and Christmas's Eve is coming :) Have you write your letter for Saint Nick?
I'll do during these days (I HOPE) :)
But if you have no idea remember that the most important thing is Love <3
I really love the spirit of these days, walking on the streets, watching the showcases and expecially DO SHOPPING! Of course this period is critical and we have less money but all your presents are special only if you do it with Love :) This Christmas I'll give to my parents presents made by me for example I'll try to create a charm for my mom and a special photoframe for my dad.
And you? What you'll give to your parents or friends?
There are some advices even in Caro's blog :) Check it out
Write to me your advices for make this Christams SPECIAL!
                                                                                  C ♥

Watch Mariah Carey's video " All I want for Christmas is you"

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